Straighten My Teeth


Invisalign® corrects many orthodontic issues without the hassles of traditional braces. This means no unattractive metal wires, no uncomfortable glued-on brackets and no annoying rubber bands that can leave your mouth sore.

Orthodontic Appliances

There are many appliances involved when it comes to orthodontics. Such as: Lingual Arch, Retainer, Space Maintainer and more. These help correct and maintain your smile.

Bite Alignment

Misaligned bites come in many different forms, for example: Open Bite, Under Bite, Cross Bite and Over Bite. All of these can affect your smile, jaw and overall functionality. Reflections Family Dentistry can correct these types of bites.

Orthodontics FAQs

We know that when it comes to Orthodontics, there are many questions to be answered. We've got you covered. Find out more about the most commonly asked Orthodontic questions.