A clear-aligner that helps you towards your goal of having a healthy, beautiful smile.

SureSmile® aligners are an orthodontic treatment that correct teeth alignment and other problems such as overcrowding, bite issues, and gaps.

To get your teeth aligned and healthy, Reflections Family Dentistry uses SureSmile for predictable results and a customized treatment plan for your individual needs. SureSmiles® and Dr. Tsuchida, after determining SureSmiles is for you, work together to help you on your journey to a better smile.

SureSmile Journey

Initial Appointment
Dr. Tsuchida will take photos and a digital scan of your mouth and teeth.

Treatment Plan
A customized treatment plan is put together for you by Dr. Tsuchida and SureSmiles. After 2-4 weeks, your aligners will arrive.

Start Treatment
When your aligners arrive, return to Reflections Family Dentistry to receive your new patient welcome kit from SureSmiles. Dr. Tsuchida will outline your treatment plan and let you know what to expect. Any questions such as 'How long do I need to wear my aligner?' and 'When do I change aligners?' will be answered.

Ongoing Check-ins
You’ll visit your doctor for ongoing check-ins and support to ensure treatment stays on track.

Maintain your Smile
Once your treatment is complete, Dr. Tsuchida will let you know what's next. You may be required to wear a retainer after treatment so follow-up with your dentist.